Monday, 30 January 2012

Look At All Those Monkeys!

Look At All Those Monkeys!

Look at all those monkeys
Jumping in their cage.
Why don't they all go out to work
And earn a decent wage?

How can you say such silly things,
And you a son of mine?
Imagine monkeys travelling on
The Morden-Edgware line!

But what about the Pekinese!
They have an allocation.
'Don't travel during Peke hour',
It says on every station.

My Gosh, you're right, my clever boy,
I never thought of that!
And so they left the monkey house,
While an elephant raised his hat.

Spike Milligan

Another poem, this one was one of my favourites to do, although it was also the most work! Lots and lots of tiny bits of paper, my studio looked liked it had been subject to some kind of hurricane!

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