Monday, 10 October 2011

Picture book.

I've been meaning to upload my pencils for the Macmillan book for a while now. I'll be putting them up (along with some other work) tomorrow, hopefully, as the memory stick they are on has been 'borrowed' by my wonderful brother. In the meantime here is the text for the story .

Spread One: Title Page.

Spread Two: Credits and Dedication/Title

Spread Three: "That's it!" Thought Wolf. "It's time for me to change. I'm not going to be Big and Bad anymore!"

Spread Four: He washed and Brushed his fur to make himself look smart.

Spread Five: He put aside his tricks, traps and disguises. And turned to nice quiet hobbies...

Spread Six: ... like stamp collecting!

Spread Seven: He tried to help others out.

Spread Eight: He stopped eating up Little Girls in Red. Even when they probably deserved it!

Spread Nine: But still everyone avoided him.

Spread Ten: His councellor told him to make up for all his past bad behaviour. "You must apologise to the people you hurt!" he said.

Spread Eleven: So Wolf sent an apology letter to The Three Little Pigs... but it was sent back unopened.

Spread Twelve: He went to see them to say sorry... but they called in local law enforcement to send him away.

Spread Thirteen:Finally he used one last disguise...

Spread Fourteen: And when he was in, explained why he was there. At first the pigs were a bit worried it might be a trick.

Spread Fifteen: But soon they were inviting all their friends to meet him. Wolf had truly changed for the better and never had a bad thought again.

Spread Sixteen:... Well, almost never!