Monday, 30 April 2012

Degree show!

Well at the moment I'm busy, busy busy with my final major project, getting ready for the degree show and printing some hares for the lovely folks at Baron Art in Holt, Norfolk!

Speaking of the degree show it would be wonderful to see some of your fine faces there! Pop down and take a look.

It's at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane (91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL in F Block T1 - T5 | 020 8411 5000) from the 8th of June until the 11th. You should look for the illustration section (although I'm sure the other courses will have some fab stuff up too if you get a chance to take a peek).

Public Show: Friday 8th- Monday 11th June
Friday - Sunday 10am - 7pm & Monday 10am-4pm

Here's a bit of the Middlesex University spiel just to get you all excited...
 "We like to think of the Middlesex University degree show as the biggest and best in London. Every year, around 5,000 people visit the show over days it is open - including employers, designers, gallery owners and the creative industry glitterati. The exciting range of work on show includes fine art, fashion, graphic design, illustration, photography, interior architecture, furniture, animation and even sonic art!"

Anyway please come and see us! We'll be happy to have you!

Here's a lovely picture outside the Brewery. Hopefully it'll be that busy inside too!

P.s. Thanks to all of you who voted on Brother Sun, Sister Moon. The feedback I got was very helpful! In the end collage won (although for the most part it was pretty close) which is good as it's the one I'm going with! Will update soon with some pictures of how it's going...

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Here is my final bound dissertation. I'm quite proud of it!
The title was: “I refuse to lie to children. I refuse to cater to the bullshit of innocence.” (Maurice Sendak): To what extent do presentations of the ‘real’ world and societal issues, in Children’s picture books and films, pander to the ideals of childhood innocence?

Final updated Puffin!

Here it is with changes! Wish me luck!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Brother Sun, Sister Moon. Help please!

So right now I'm working on my final major project/ Macmillan entry. Its a story for children called Brother Sun, Sister Moon, which has a kinda folktaley feel. My tutor wants me to do this in hand coloured lino and I am pushing for collage. I would really appreciate peoples feedback (in fact I might put a little poll in the blog sidebar). I'm aware that neither are perfect yet but personally feel that collage is more friendly... anyway views appreciated!

Puffin Competition. Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Another competition entry! This one still needs a bit of tweaking I'm sure but this is it so far with text. The competition is to do a book cover design for the Puffin/ Penguin competition, for the Grimm's Fairytales. Front, back and spine!

Monday, 9 April 2012

A break from the avalanche of work...

This morning I took a break from the mountain of work and baked some bread! I think its possibly the best looking loaf I've ever made, definitely a work of art worth posting to this blog!

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Valentines day sale/ You are as cute as a button card.

Very belatedly...

We had a Valentines day sale at uni to raise money for the degree show. I hand stitched a few cuddly toys for the sale, two dogs, two skunks and a rabbit. I gave them each individual tags and names!
The whole gang.

Felicity: My Honey Bunny.

Piere and Edgar: Love Stinks!

Benji and the other one (whose name I've forgotten right now):Puppy Love

The whole gang ready to go!

I also printed out some cards that I designed. There are three in the set ("You are as cute as a button", "You turn my world upside down" and " You've stolen my heart.") but this is the one I've completed so far! (the scan is a little dark but hoping to try photographing some of my work and see if this helps)

Patron Saint of Eco Warriors.

At uni they are putting together a book based on the poems of a local author with links to the course. They are all made up Patron Saints (the author discovered that in reality there are many strange ones) and each poem had a variety of people doing illustrations for it. Then they judged them all and some were chosen to go in the book.

Mine was the Patron Saint of Eco Warriors and was done just after my op. It was chosen which is fab, particularly if the book gets published!