Monday, 14 May 2012

Battersea dogs home!

One of my four projects (along with the Spike Milligan stuff) was to create postcards advertising Battersea dogs home in lino.
The idea I had was based on a conversation with someone in which they said that they wouldn't want a dog from Battersea as "they wouldn't know what the dog had done to be put there."
I felt people lump rescue dogs with 'problem' dogs when in reality this isn't always the case! My strap line on the back of the cards was: We are not Criminals!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Brother Sun Sister Moon finals/ Macmillan competition.

Well I'm done... for now anyway. One day I'd like to work out the kinks and finish the other spreads but for now I have seven full colour spreads including the cover. Had a few problems photographing the originals but think they came out ok in the end! Here is the story and the colour spreads that go with them:


Far, far away on vast dusty plains, Brother Sun was fed up of the unbearable heat. He wished there was somewhere cooler to live. Many, many mile north, Sister Moon felt much too cold. If only there was somewhere where the sun shone more brightly and I could be warmer she thought.

So Brother Sun collected his belongings together and set off into the wide world to find cooler lands to call home. And Sister Moon gathered her things together and started out into the big world to find warmer lands.

And they walked, and walked and walked. Through all weathers.

Up mountains and down.

(No text. Going round a large rock. Animals acknowledge each other but humans don’t see each other.)

Until they found themselves in a new exotic land. Where the world is icy and cold and the land is covered with a strange white powder.

Where the sun shines bright and hot and the ground is covered with gold.

At last the children felt they had found what they were looking for.

But Brother Sun soon found himself shivering with cold. He longed for the golden sands of his home.

And Sister Moon found the hot sun burned her soft skin. She wished she could be back among the icecaps and snow.

So they both decided to head back, taking a small reminder of their journey, some glittering snow for Brother Sun and some golden sand for Sister Moon.

Once back among their family no-one believed their fantastic stories. And the only evidence was now gone…(Picture of Brother Sun with dripping hands and Sister Moon with an empty pouch).

But at least they had finally found somewhere perfect to call home.

(No text, things left behind being sniffed by creatures).