Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Valentines day sale/ You are as cute as a button card.

Very belatedly...

We had a Valentines day sale at uni to raise money for the degree show. I hand stitched a few cuddly toys for the sale, two dogs, two skunks and a rabbit. I gave them each individual tags and names!
The whole gang.

Felicity: My Honey Bunny.

Piere and Edgar: Love Stinks!

Benji and the other one (whose name I've forgotten right now):Puppy Love

The whole gang ready to go!

I also printed out some cards that I designed. There are three in the set ("You are as cute as a button", "You turn my world upside down" and " You've stolen my heart.") but this is the one I've completed so far! (the scan is a little dark but hoping to try photographing some of my work and see if this helps)

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