Saturday, 8 January 2011

Message in a bottle.

To start off the second year and over the summer our tutor asked us to send him six 'postcards' relating to what we were up to. These could be anything and everything but packaging was also to be considered.

I decided to do 6 messages in bottles. I took some old antique medicine (and some poison) bottles painted on them and then put a illustrative message inside. Then (mainly because they had to be sent in the post) These were put into some cardboard decorated boxes and packed with sand. Phew!

The first one I sent was: Visitors to my garden.

Painting on glass in much harder than I'd imagined!

And the packaging for it (sea themed to go with the whole message in a bottle thing)...

And the illustrated message (there was also text on the copy and I'm afraid the watercolour hasn't come out very well in the photo):

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