Monday, 30 January 2012

Contagion by Spike Milligan


Elephants are contagious!
Be careful how you tread.
An Elephant that's been trodden on
Should be confined to bed!

Leopards are contagious too.
Be careful tiny tots.
They don't give you a temperature
But lots and lots - of spots.

The Herring is a lucky fish
From all disease inured.
Should he be ill when caught at sea;
Immediately - he's cured!

Spike Milligan

The last of the poems. Again it needs a few tweaks and the text as they all do. Also think I might try photographing them all, instead of scanning them. Scanning seems to play with the colours a bit!


  1. oh, abi, i love your work!
    the linos are great!

    1. Thanks thats very sweet! Been stalking your blog and love your stuff too (but then I always have)! x