Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Monkey Business (although orang-utans aren't technically monkeys!)

I'm back from Borneo! It was an amazing experience and I was so lucky to get such close contact with the orang-utans and have such a lovely group of girls to share the experience with. I miss them all so much. The orang-utans are incredible creatures, so clever and so naughty. If you take anything away they literally beat their hands on the floor, scream and throw a mega tantrum... just like children.
I didn't forget, while I was way, to take my trusty moleskin and do a bit of sketching... it's been a while!

Here is my lovely group!

Me and Chiquita.

Me working hard while Tomtom (in quarantine) relaxes!


  1. Ada disagrees, as soon as she saw your pics she said "ooo oooo aaah aaah!"