Thursday, 25 April 2013

My brother, animation wizard.

Recently, I've been helping my brother out with a project he's taken on. As is true of all of the Moulder clan (I'm sure you've noticed it of me too...) he has a tendency to set himself an incredible amount of work and want to complete it with a perfectionist's eye.
He was asked to do some murals for a new shop. Of course Ed covered every inch of wall with illustrations so I was roped in to help fill in the colour.
Here are some of the amazing result...

(He really needs more pictures of the finished product. Some of these are of work in progress...)

As you can see his style is very different from mine! Ed is really an animator and a brilliant one at that.

(If you like what you see I'd recommend watching this vid on his website as you can't see it very well or in very good quality in the window blogger gives you here!)

So all you out there in internet land if you need some animation done, Edward Moulder is your man!

Check out his website:
Or his blog: 

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