Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Drawn Chorus Collective.

Remember the show I did with a cool bunch of illustration cats at the beginning of the year?! Well, after Curiouser and Curiouser we decided to make it a permanent thing... and so...

was born!

Drawn Chorus is a collective of illustrators aiming to create original affordable exhibitions with a twist of something a little special.
Our shows aim to draw you into our fantastical and unique world and we won't stop until we do!

With new, up and coming talent, together, our works create a fabulous, melodic whole. We are the Drawn chorus!

To contact us, drop us a line at drawnchoruscollective@gmail.com

Collective Artists.

-ABIGAIL MOULDER- http://www.abimoulder.blogspot.co.uk/
-ADAM ALEXANDER CLAGUE- http://alekadzie.tumblr.com/
-ALEX MOORE- http://www.facebook.com/AlexMooreIllustration
-AMBER COOPER-DAVIES- http://amberlilyillustration.blogspot.co.uk/
-BEN HENDY- www.hendyism.blogspot.co.uk
-CATHY KWAN- http://completelycathy.wordpress.com/
-DANIEL DUNCAN- http://daniel-duncan.blogspot.com/
-EILEEN KAI HING KWAN- www.eileenkaihingkwan.blogspot.co.uk
-EVA SEGOU- http://eva-segou.com/
-FRED CAMPBELL- http://www.drawnofman.com/
-FREDRIK EDEN- http://edensworkblog.wordpress.com/
-HECTOR LLOYD- www.hectorlloyd.co.uk
-JESSICA LUCIA TOWNSON- jessica--lucia.tumblr.com
-JOHANNA WALDERDORFF- http://johannawalderdorff.com/
-KATIE MARKWICK- http://www.katiemarkwick.co.uk/
-LEFKI SAVVIDOU- www.lefkisillustrations.blogspot.co.uk
-NADINE SCHERER- http://cargocollective.com/untiltheend
-RAE HENRY- http://raehenry.co.uk/
-ZANNA ALLEN- www.zannaallen.blogspot.com

Banners for the collective facebook page.
 Katie Marwick, Abigail Moulder, Lefki Savidou, Cathy Kwan
Fred Eden, Alex Moore, Nadine Pomegranate, Fred Campbell
 Lefki Savidouu, Cathy Kwan, Maj Abrahamsson, Abigail Moulder
Tavi Austin, Alex Foster, Jessica Lucia Townsend, Zanna Allen

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