Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Two birds with one stone...

I really should be holding off posting this... for one thing it's actually part of a set of two. However, I was pleased as punch the other day when I finally finished it and just couldn't hold off! It's unusual for me (in other words once in a blue moon) to be happy with my artwork or feel it looks how I imagined it. This was one of those rare occasions! (Although annoyingly my scanner was still playing up and made the colours slightly off... Updated! It's better but still not perfect!)
This is my dad's girlfriend's dog, Billy. It was a birthday present for her but also came out of an idea of something I wanted to do for the Lewis Carroll show (based on a incident in "Sylvie and Bruno" where the pair visit dogland). It is also a development of the images I did way back here, where I took animals and combined them with portraits from the fab National portrait gallery (this was based on a portrait of Henry Pelham by John Shackleton). 

I'll probably post it again with its pairing nearer to the show but for now you can enjoy it as a single image in all its glory!

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